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Monday, August 5, 7-8 PM

People like Sally Susman have always known that communication was never a soft skill — it’s the bedrock of business and an absolute requirement for success. Putting her principles to work will help you clarify and reach your goals and be a better leader.

Arianna Huffington

Founder & CEO,Thrive Global

If you want to improve at communication, look no further than those who do it for a living. Sally Susman has devoted her career to bringing clarity to complexity, change, and crisis, and in this book she shares memorable stories and practical insights to help you get heard.

Adam Grant

#1 New York Times bestselling author of Think Again and host of the TED podcast Re:Thinking

“Breaking Through is a highly readable book, with a surprising amount of current political and cultural insight woven into the business and communications aspect of the content. For those working in corporate communications it might feel familiar in an affirming way; for others, this book can provide helpful guidance in becoming more professional in everyday communication.”

Amy Lindgren

Pioneer Press


The ground-breaking communications leader of global biopharmaceutical giant Pfizer, Sally Susman reveals how we can break through all the noise and conventional thinking to get our message across and make positive change.

Just as crucial as creating the vaccine itself was the task of winning people’s hearts and minds, and Susman highlights the principles that enabled her to break through, connect, and help move people forward, not only at Pfizer but over a stellar career.

Susman’s stories will draw you in with their warmth, humor, and humanity and will enlighten and motivate you with their insight and passion. Breaking Through is essential reading for any leader as they face the daunting challenge of communicating in our noisy, turbulent world.

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About Sally Susman

Sally Susman is Chief Corporate Affairs Officer at Pfizer and vice chair of The Pfizer Foundation. In 2022, Forbes named Susman one of the World’s Most Influential CMOs for Pfizer’s efforts to combat vaccine misinformation.